The Openers

So it begins.
The party meets and beats.

The story so far-

The Illusionist Kharos, Thief Znik, and Axemaster Thorm set off from their hometown early one summer morning. They have joined a small merchant caravan heading to Throal. On the road they are attacked by bandits who have tricked the Outcast Asgalt into aiding them.

One of the bandits makes the mistake of insulting Asgalt and thus begins the first battle of the campaign.

After a short; but bloody fight the surviving bandits parlay with the Adepts and make a hasty retreat.

Highlights of the combat:
  • Asgalt showing the sheer power of a Troll wielding a 2 Handed weapon.
  • Thorm cleaving a shield in two and then decapitating another foe.
  • Kharos learning (Unfortunately) that Illusions are tricky.
  • Znik mooning the bandits as they depart.

The group then travels to Bartertown which lies at the foot of the Throal mountains and spends some time shopping and feasting.

They then receive a message asking them to meet with another Dwarf merchant who may have more work for them. They meet Darron and agree to help him discover the fate of the villiage of Lang.

They set off after a brief return to the “Queen’s Head” Inn to investigate a missing money pouch that must have been lost there.

It turns out that one of the patrons had pickpocketed Thord while he was leaving. Using a mixture of magic, misdirection, bullshit and sheer Windling bravado; Znik and Kharos get the purse back from the thief.

The party then continues on it’s way, stopping for the night at the city of Ardanyan. They plan on catching a T’skrang riverboat the next morning.


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